A Prosecco Refresher

A Prosecco Refresher

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Prosecco may arguably be the best springtime white. Its fresh, light acidity paired with those tiny little bubbles make it an enjoyable and easy to drink wine. Typical flavor notes often include peach, melon and apple. But what exactly is prosecco? Here is a brief (I promise!) history:

Prosecco is a sparkling Italian wine made from grapes by the same name. Most come from the northern Veneto region. It is believed it was originally produced in early Roman times and is one of the oldest grapes in Italy.  Since the 1960’s production techniques have improved, adding to the appeal of this beloved wine.

Many of us know prosecco as the alcoholic ingredient in the peachy Bellini cocktail. However, it has sprung on the market as an inexpensive alternative to French Champagne. We at DEPS Fine Wine have a nice variety to choose from, including the brand new Mionetto il Prosecco NV, $6.97/bottle. Delicious on its own, with a light summer salad, or shared with friends!

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