Community Fund

It has always been our goal at DEPs to give back to the community who loyally supports our business. To achieve this goal we created the DEPs Community Fund.

Our Mission

“Offering a helping hand to those organizations doing good on both sides of the river. Raising the spirits and in turn raising funds for Greater Cincinnati.”


We’ve spent all our lives in the Greater Cincinnati area and we’ve been a family owned and operated business for 28 years in Northern Kentucky. With the addition of our fifth store in 2005, we consolidated our charitable giving and established the Community Fund. The goal was to amplify our giving and to make a large difference in our community.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a grant from the DEP's Communty Fund.

Apply for a grant

Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a grant?

To be eligible you must be a member of our free Club DEP’S program and a registered ECC1 charity.

Are there any age restrictions for a grant?

Unfortunately, we do not permit grants to organizations with members or enrollment of individuals under age 21 such as, grade schools, high schools, churches, boosters, etc.

Can I use the grant for fundraisers?

No individual fundraisers, product donations, or advertisements.

What’s the lead time to receive a grant?

Must have approval 60 days prior to event.

Can I apply for multiple grants?

Only one grant per organization in a 5 year period.

Events have to be enhanced by our professionals involvement and produce additional revenue for charity.