Bourbon is a type of American whiskey produced primarily from corn.  Only whiskey from the United States can be called Bourbon, though it is understood that it is predominantly a product of Kentucky.  Originating from a region called Old Bourbon – what is now known as Bourbon County, Kentucky – takes its name from the royal French family house of Bourbon.

The stipulations for a distillate being designated bourbon are as follows (according to the Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits):

  • Can only be made in the United States
  • Must be made of a grain mixture with no less than 51% corn
  • Aged solely in charred, new American oak barrels
  • Distilled to no more than 160 proof, or 80% alcohol
  • Cannot enter the barrel higher than 125 proof
  • Cannot be bottled higher than 160 proof
  • If labeled as straight bourbon, it must meet the above requirements, have been aged at least 2 years in barrel, and have no added flavors, colors or spirits.
  • If labeled as blended bourbon, it may have added flavor, color or spirits, yet still must be at least 51% straight bourbon.


Whiskey Row Bourbon 750ml $38.99
Whiskey Row is a bourbon blended by Kentucky Artisan Distillery, a new distillery started in a former ice cream factory in Crestwood, Ky., by a partnership including former Brown-Forman president Stephen Thompson. The name pays tribute to Louisville’s Whiskey Row; the label features an 1864 etching of Main Street. Kentucky Artisan eventually plans to distill its own bourbon as well as serve as a cooperative for others who want to produce spirits.

 Leadslinger Bourbon 750ml $32.98

Double distilled and hand crafted in Moore, Oklahoma this small batch whiskey melds sophistication and down home flavors.   Hints of oak, toffee and vanilla dominate the palette.   Leadslingers’ Whiskey is produced by seven combat veterans, from the US Army Rangers, USAF TACP, Special Forces, and Paratrooper communities. Their love for America and fine whiskey, is what the company is all about. They wanted to craft a whiskey that was enjoyable and unrepentantly supported the Second Amendment. By remaining active in their civilian and military communities, Leadslingers’ strives to set an example. Be proud of who you are. Be bold. No apologies.

Backbone Bourbon Uncut 750ml $46.99
Backbone Bourbon distills small batches from a 70% corn, 25% rye, 5% malted barley mash in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (not to be confused with the home of Wild Turkey and Four Roses south of the Ohio, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky), then ages them for around 4 years to be bottled at full barrel strength in Bardstown, Kentucky. There is no blending of the barrels, and as they put it they have left the “backbone” of the bourbon in. Even at such a young age, they are confident enough to release Backbone Bourbon Uncut as 114 to 117 proof (57 to 58% abv) barrel strength bourbon.

 OYO Bourbon Whiskey Michelone Reserve 750ml $46.98

This small-batch whiskey pairs the finest Kentucky straight bourbon with award-winning OYO Whiskey to create a smooth, smoky, and softly sweet bourbon that proudly bears the name of the grandfather who inspired it all. The Michelone Reserve is a flavor-forward blend of sweet yellow corn, soft red winter wheat, dark pumpernickel rye, and two-row barley.

 Yellowstone Select Bourbon 750ml $40.98

Yellowstone Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a masterful fusion of flavors from seventh-generation distillers, Paul and Steve Beam. It features a hand-picked blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky bourbons, each selected to give this exclusive whiskey a taste that celebrates its deep, family origins.