BourbonBarrel_Born&AgedView our tasting notes for special barrel selections chosen by Matt and other DEP’s employees.  Each one of these selections has been carefully selected by our in-house Bourbon enthusiasts to insure the maximum flavor appeal.  Being Kentuckians, we take our Bourbon seriously.

For the last several years we have bottled exclusive single barrel bourbons for our stores.We choose single barrels to provide a great new alternative to old favorites that we already stock.  Single barrels selections  can be a unique and delicious additions to one’s bourbon collections.  We hope that our customers will find our choices to be as special as we do.

Typically, we gather barrel samples from several producers and invite members of Club DEP’S to taste and rate these samples. Once we agree on the best sample, we buy the whole barrel and bottle it exclusively for our stores.

D.E.P.’s Single-Barrels currently on our shelves:

Calumet Farms #2 Jefferson Reserve E-734 Jefferson Small Batch F-635 Russel Reserve 539

Old Forester #4


Wathens Single Barrel

Knob Creek 4626Four Roses Barrel OESF

Knob Creek #4382

Bone Snapper














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whistle-pig-3   knobcreek3957



D.E.P’s Single-Barrels we have had in the past:

evanEvan Williams Single Barrel $26.98

We were only offered two barrels this year, so we picked a variety of sweet and spicy. This is the sweet barrel.This nose is light with cherries, butterscotch and a light alcohol sting. The first sip is very light on the front of the tongue but carries strong bourbon flavors to the back. The finish is silky smooth and very pleasant. Not a lot of heat on this barrel, but the finish is still medium-long in length.


Bake American Pure:2 , Seared French Cuvee:3, Makers 46:0, Roasted French Mocha:3, Toasted French Spice: 3

Our senior staff were the first retailers in the country to be offered this fantastic barrel creation process from Maker’s. This new spin on Maker’s 46, gives us the ability to add our own combination of different styles of wood staves to finish an already fantastic product.

Evan Williams Single Barrel

 We were only offered two barrels this year, so we picked a variety of sweet and spicy. This is the spicier barrel. The nose is medium with notes of cream-corn, cooking spices and black cherries. The taste is sweet char, creamy marzipan and warm spices. The finish is medium-long and last a lot longer than barrel #923. This barrel has some spice, giving this barrel the nickname “666”

FOUR ROSES, Barrel Proof             OESO

Proof: 104.4

Fill date: 11/1/04       Aged: 10 Years 11 Months

We tried nine different barrels before we finally decided that this OESO was our barrel. It stood out from the rest of the barrels because of it’s extreme sweetness that is uncommon in barrels this high up in age. The nose is SWEET with classic aromas of caramel, vanilla, and heavy whipping cream. This barrel has hints of rich fruitiness, light vanillas, but is still full bodied. This barrel exemplifies the classics ‘O’ yeast strain Four Roses strives for.

“Who needs desert when you have Roses”

– A.J. W.


Proof: 128.2

Bottled:4/8/16 Aged: 9 years and 1 month

The nose on this barrel is coca, char and coffee. A slight cigar smoke makes this barrel a little more robust than the others. There is flavors of coca beans, vanilla and rich char. This barrel is no as sweet as the last OESF barrel, but is definitely more fullflavor. If you look at the color , you can see that this barrel is at least two shades darker than the other Four Roses barrels.

WOODFORD Double-Oaked

10673792Proof: 90.4

Barreled again on: 18NOV2014

Woodford Double-Oaked is one of our favorites, so we had to buy a whole barrel that matches the characteristics we find appealing. The nose is loaded with light kitchen spices, creamy vanilla pudding, butterscotch, and a touch of citrus. The first tastes immediately blows you away by how thick and rich this barrel is. With hints of dark coca, tapioca, and a light ripe fruits, this barrel is a desert bourbon through and through.

“Desert bourbon on steroids.”  – Nick H.

EAGLE RARE Single Barrel                #14

Fill Date: 25FEB05

Dump Date: 03MAR16

We love picking out barrels of Eagle Rare. Every once in a while we find some serious honey barrels. This is one of them. At just over 11 years old, this barrel is absolutely loaded with flavor. The nose is full of vanilla, light oak, and a creamy sweetness that is hard to identify. The first sip is both sweet and spicy, but is very well balanced. Tons of sweeter characteristics that make this approachable for any drinker. This barrel has great texture and viscosity. Good luck not drinking more than one glass. This might be one of our best Eagle Rares yet.


This barrel was selected for us by the fine people at the Barton distillery. The nose is slightly sweet with hints of marzipan, butterscotch, rich cedar, and zesty citrus. The first sip, you notice it is very light and elegant yet still balanced. This barrel is definitely on the sweet side, with hints of sweet corn in the front of the mouth, and char on the back of the tongue. The finish is medium in length, and even though this barrel is on the sweet side, the finish can be felt in the chest.

KNOB CREEK,  11 Year #13

Lot ID: 04B10 House/Floor: N-1

Bottled: 16JUL2015 Proof: 126.5 initially

This is a classic Knob Creek barrel. The nose is filled with deep rich char, marzipan, clove, and black-cherries. The first taste lets you know that this barrel is 120 Proof, but don’t be scared. It’s not that alcohol that burns, but rather the taste of cinnamon and red-hot candy. The initial sip is the hottest, then it moves to that back and sides of the mouth as it starts to rest and settle. Overall, this barrel is the epitome of what an old K.C. barrel is supposed to taste like.

“I like the way it feels in my mouth.”   – Jessie W

1792 Single Barrel                     #16

This barrel was also selected by the fine employees at the Barton Distillery. The nose is slightly spicy with hints of clove, paprika, and salted caramel. The first sip is smooth and flavorful. Tons of kitchen spices that lets you know that this is a high rye bourbon. The finish is medium long and delightful. Overall this barrel is smooth, slightly spicy, and delicious. Nothing too spicy or overpowering.

Jefferson’s Reserve #722 
To start, the nose is slightly sweet, with hints of sandalwood,caramel, and has a light alcohol tingle. There isn’t a lot of flavor at first, but this light-bodied bourbon finishes warm and long. Easily one of the most approachable barrels in our collection. Looking to introduce someone to bourbon? Try this bottle first. It’s light, balanced and easy to drink.

WHISTLE PIG Single Barrel Rye           #1


D.E.P.’s, O.K.B.B., Wiseguys, Newberrys

This is our first collaboration barrel with the three best bourbon bars in NKY, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. This nose on this barrel is soft for a 100% rye whiskey, with hints of cocoa and brown sugar. The first sip is fantastic! Tons of spice, brown sugar, and prickly pear dance across the tongue. For 116 proof, this barrel is SUPER easy to sip on. The finish is warm and delightful. With finishing in bourbon barrels, this rye whiskey is soft and elegant compared to other brands, but yet still strong in both spiciness and sweetness.

Try what the best bars in NKY are pouring.



We here at DEP’s love Wathens, This single barrel has a great nose with hints of cereal grains, alcohol, peanut brittle, leather and red velvet. The first sip is very up fornt spice, but nothing over whelming. The bourbon starts to work its way to the back of the mouth very smoothly. The finish is medium-long in length , but leaves a very enjoyable after taste in your mouth that lets you knoe this bourbon is 94 proof.

jefferson-s-ocean-aged-at-sea-very-small-batch-straight-bourbon-whiskey-kentucky-usa-10639746Jefferson’s Ocean – $70.98

The nose on this barrel has a distinct salted corn smell, with a hint of vanilla in the background. The first taste has a slight citrus tang to it,with a semi- sweet, yet grainy taste that most scotch drinkers can identify with. You can definitely tell this barrel was sloshed around a bit because of it’s unique oak taste that is indescribable. The finish is smooth and grainy, but very pleasant. This is a very uncommon process resulting in a delightful taste.

BUFFALO TRACE, Single Barrel        #8

Proof: 90

eb0e10aa44b8587e0390e17870b449e3Selected by our Bourbon Club Customers

The nose on this barrel is classic Buffalo Trace. Tons of sweet-corn, caramel, paprika, and white pepper. The taste is very upfront with a SWEET-BOMB. Candy cane and soft spices make this barrel a little hot on the tonsils. There is a slight dryness that leaves you wanting more.

“Great to put in my flask for the Dog Park.” -Rupert

Jefferson’s 750 ml –  $22.98jeff

There is a lot of nose on this barrel butterscotch, cooking spices, sweet corn, and a woody background let you know this barrel is on the sweet side. The first taste confirms the sweet nose. Candy-corn, caramel, and a light fruitiness, all blend together to make this bottle one of the sweetest Jefferson;s we have ever selected. The finish is sweet, light, and slightly creamy.
Overall, if you are looking for a SWEET-BOMB, this well balanced bourbon is for you.
If you like to know your bourbon came from a charred barrel this one is for you! The nose is dominated by vanilla, crisp fruits, and hints of toffee. The body is light, with a burst of flavor up front with a finish that is clean and oaky. Notes of orange zest and honey can be found but the main character you’ll find is that sweet vanilla from the oak. This bourbon is perfect for sipping on the deck or porch this summer. This private selection represents Jefferson’s well and at this price should be in your collection.
Four Roses: $33.98
We love Four Roses, so we picked out more than just one. The nose on this bottle is complex with hints of caramel, char, butterscotch, and tons of wood. This one starts off sweet, then rides the back of the tongue to cover the back of the mouth. The finish is sweet and warm. Not a lot of burn on this barrel, which makes it one of the sweetest Four Roses on our shelves.
Angel’s Envy
This isn’t our first time blending Angel’s Envy.We struggled for a long time to blend the perfect ratio of  3 different barrels. To start, the nose on this barrel is full of cherry, oak, bubble-gum, and spice. The first drink is noticeably smooth . Hints of toffee, and caramel to start, then some spice in the back to bring in the heat. Overall, we aimed to make a sweet, easy-drinking, mellow blend, and I think we nailed it.


Four Roses –  $33.98

#5-3U –SOLD OUT!

The nose on this barrel has a distinct sandlewood smell to it, with some alcohol in the back that reminds you this bottle is 100proof. The first drink starts off really smooth, then quickly changes to red hot candy. The finish is long and warm, but

don’t let the spiciness fool you, this bourbon is delicious and easy to drink.

Like a warm finish? Then this bottle is for you. Drink it by the fire or after a long cold day.
” I can feel it warming my body” – B. Dep
#5-3H –SOLD OUT!
The nose is full of sweet cherry blossom with tons of char and cedar in the back. The first drink is loaded with sweet corn and caramel. A nice refreshing cinnamon heat in the back gives this bourbon some kick. The finish is strong and long, with a lot of heat, yet no burn. Definitely the spiciest yet easiest to drink Single Barrel on our shelf.
This OBSV recipe is a crowd pleaser. Snag a bottle today for a unique Winter present.


Smooth Amber Low Rye “The Bourbon Guys” Private Barrel, Old Scout

We are proud to sell one of the countries only 11 year old Smooth Amblers, hand-picked by The Bourbon Guys themselves. The nose is very complex, but to me, it smells like B.B.Q.. A sweet, yet potent ‘tang’ masks a high alcohol smell. Take one drink, and forget it. The second drink gives you all the details. I’m not going to ruin the surprise. Best Old Scout on the Market.

“Damn good non-KY bourbon.”  – Richard G..

Our first Kentucky Spirit Selection!  In collaboration with “The Bourbon Guys”
Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel: $43.99
Proof: 101                    House/Floor: N-1
Barreled: 922/14  Sample Date: 6/23/14
This was the first barrel we sampled on our visit, and was easily the best barrel of the day. The nose on this bourbon is high alcohol, but don’t let the heat scare you. Notes of nutmeg and vanilla provide a warm sweet relief. The first taste is heavy char with a thick oakiness that coats the palate. Hints of vanilla, honey, and nutmeg leave you wanting more. This barrel finishes warm and long, with an even blend of spice and sweetness that lingers for as long as the heart desires.
Try adding water to open up those hidden flavors. This will be a barrel to remember.
 Bernheim Wheat Whiskey 7yr Single Barrel #1:$28.99
Tons of citrus  and vanilla on the nose. Probably one of the sweetest smelling whiskeys. First taste is very smooth, but not too thin. You can feel it mostly on the side and back of the tongue. Hints of  vanilla gives you a nice warming sensation.With this being our first barrel, we are more than happy witht the results. This 90 proof wheater is great for those upcoming cool Fall nights.
Henry-McKenna-HMSB-copy copy
Henry Mckenna 10 Year Single Barrel #1:$27.99

Super oak monster! A little vanilla and cinnamon through the mid palate. Finishes hot and oaky. If you like the Pappy style of bourbon, then this bottle is for you.

Perfect addition to your collection and will make a great gift for that bourbon lover on your list.  Pick up a bottle now, it will go fast!

Evan William, 10 year: $25.99
 More oak on the nose than barrel number 9. First taste consists of a lot of char, but mellows out into a cinnamon flavor. It lingers and coats the tongue more than most Evan William’s bourbons.
If you are looking for an Evan Williams Single Barrel with more flavor, than this one is for you. Try drinking it neat for an easy to drink flavorful bourbon.
Heavy oak on the nose with a smell of sweet char. First taste is really crisp. A lot of action on  the front and  sides of the tongue. A taste of sweet cherries at the end keeps this bourbon on the sweet side. You will notice that this barrel finishes a lot smoother than most single barrels.
Watch out for this one. At 86.6 proof, it drinks like an 80.Try adding water to open up even more subtle flavors.
Russel’s Reserve:$48.99
Barrel: #31                                Floor:  4
Rickhouse: G                   Date Selected: 03/19/14Cinnamon with toasty oak on the nose.  Big heat on the palate with a sprinkling of cinnamon and caramel candy and heavy oak.  Long and warm finish with a yummy showing of oak with a great bite!
Barrel: #62                                 Floor: 3
Rickhouse: C                  Date Selected: 03/19/14Candied apricots, oak and a hint of lime on the nose.  Soft vanilla and toast on the front of the palate with redhots through the mid.  Great presence of oak throughout.  Smooth and lingering finish with wood and a hint of cinnamon.  Be careful, this is way too smooth to be 110 proof.Eddie Russell, associate distiller at Wild Turkey agrees that this is a total honey barrel!
eagle rare
Eagle Rare Single Barrel: $
Wow! Easily the sweetest Eagle Rare of all three.The nose is sweet with hints of vanilla and dried fruit. The first taste is thin with even more sweetness than the nose. Traces of honey move from front to back. This one isn’t weak though. It finishes with a dark chocolate flavor that has a sweet bite to it. There is a char presence, but nothing heavy or overwhelming. Don’t get lost in the smell.
 The nose on this one is unlike any other. A light oak is noticeable but with a hint of something grape-like. The first glass is easy drinking and mellow. When you add a little water, this bourbon opens up with an almost floral like taste. Very unique. It gets most of it’s flavor at the finish, which is the easiest to drink. Adding water definitely opens up more subtle flavors.
” Little Baby Freedom Eagle” – CD

It’s not too often we get to pick Eagle Rare single barrels, so when we get the chance, we make it count. The nose is sweet with huge notes of cherries, apple skins, and a light char in the background. It starts sweet and then develops on the sides of the tongue. This barrel is balanced and offers a great mouthfeel. There is a slight oakiness and warming sensation at the end that lets you know this barrel has been in some wood for 10+ years. Overall, this barrel is a crowd pleaser. The most advanced and the newbies will both love this one.

Blantons Single Barrel: $54.99
#152 House/Floor:H-2
If you like Blanton’s, your definitely going to love our barrel. The nose contains strong tones of cherry, wood and alcohol. First taste, and you already experience a leathery tingly sensation. This barrel has a strong finsih while staying heavy on the tongue. A medium finish help smooth out this great bourbon. Don’t be messy, drink it neat!
Jefferson’s 750 ml, $22.98
Tobacco with hints of vanilla and some oak on the nose.  Vanilla cream and slightly astringent on the front of the palate.  Molasses and rock candy through the mid palate.  Slight cinnamon with a long oaky finish.
Cinnamon with toasted marmalade and hint of  spice on the nose.  Very light on the palate with sweet caramel.  Drinks like a very young bourbon.  Finishes with a long oaky smoke that coats the tongue.
#B-401 –SOLD OUT!
The nose on this one is sweet caramel with a hint of cinnamon and spice in the back. There is a slight alcohol smell near the end, that lets you know this one is definitely not weak. The first tastes reminds you of caramel delight and sweet salted corn. Most of the flavor comes from the back of the mouth.
#B-402- SOLD OUT!
Definitely one of the sweetest smelling Jefferson’s we’ve had the pleasure of picking. The nose holds tons of caramel and hints of almonds. The first taste starts sweet in front, then moves to the sides of the mouth. It’s easy to identify the light charred barrels that were used. A slight warming sensation as you swallow gives this bourbon that much needed kick at the end.
1792 750ml, $23.99
Lots of maraschino and black cherry on the nose with a faint aroma of vanilla.  More cherry on the palate with hints of spicy oak and caramel.  Smooth easy finish with charred oak.

1792 –  $45.99 (1.75L ONLY)

The nose starts with a sweet corn aroma, followed by a candy caramel smell that sticks to the nose. First drink brings a sweet molasses taste to the middle of the tongue that reminds you of candy corn. This barrel finishes well across the middle of the tongue to the back of the throat. A cinnamon spice at the end give this bottle a complimentary finish to an already sweet bourbon. This barrel definitely has a bigger, bolder taste than barrel #12
The nose on this barrel is slightly sweet with a light presence of char. Clove and other spices dance on the nose. First drink is surprisingly not as sweet as the smell. A warming, yet refreshing sensation at the end helps finish strong. This one is right in-between the strong number 10, and the light number 12.

 “Smooth like honey, good for the money.”

-Logan H.

Jefferson’s Reserve, $37.98
Maple and vanilla on the nose with slight hints of smoke and caramel.  Buttery toffee and caramel on the palate with hints of sweet molasses.  Lingering spice and oak on the finish.
#B-251 – SOLD OUT!
The nose holds strong notes of tobacco, leather and spice, with a slight hint of caramel to ease it out. First drink is hot and spicy on the back and sides of the mouth. The taste quickly mellows out into an easy drinking oaky flavor that reminds you why this is a reserve. Try adding a little water to find more subtle flavors, or to just tame this wild bourbon. Great for really, really cold days.
Elijah Craig 12 year , Barrel#5 
Caramel cream with warm vanilla extract on the nose.  The palate is a little spicy on the front but mellowed out by candied caramel in the middle.  Strong and oaky finish that lingers forever.Very smooth at 94 proof.  Great 12 year for less than $30!

D.E.P.’s Elijah Craig 12 Yr. Single Barrel #6 $23.99


All toasted oak on the nose.  Molasses and caramel dominate the front of the palate.  Middle palate is mostly oaky with a twist of vanilla.  Finishes hard with great spice and cinnamon.

If you like your bourbon hot, this one is for you! It’s a little sweet to start but the burn on the finish reminds you why you like bourbon in the first place.

D.E.P.’s Elijah Craig 12 Yr. Single Barrel #7 $23.99


On the nose, sweet creamed corn and heavy oak.  On the palate, bring on the heat!  Extremely spicy with a touch of candy through the middle.  The heat returns in a hurry to finish off this bad boy.For a 12 year old bourbon, this drinks a little green.  That can be a good thing or a bad one depending on your tasted.  If you like hot and spicy bourbon this one is for you.  Not for the timid!


Knob Creek Single Barrel D.E.P.’s Private Selection #928



On the nose you’ll find light notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and molasses.  One the palate you’ll notice the viscosity, and how full bodied and round this Bourbon is!  The spice is light, and we noticed large amounts of maple, caramel, vanilla bean, and brown sugar.  It is slightly on the sweeter side of the Bourbon family.  The finish is long with the burn being very subtle and almost unnoticeable.



Not all bourbons are created the same. This bottle of Knob Creek Single Barrel is a perfect example of how truly different each barrel can turn out. The nose on this bottle is strong with alcohol, charred wood, and dark cherries. The first drink packs a lot of heat with oak rounding off the sides of the mouth.Don’t let the heat scare you, there is tons of flavor to be enjoyed. The finish is just as big as the bite. A warming sensation that moves from front to back gives this bourbon a long strong finish. Try drinking this one neat before you water it down.

“Makes your tongue slap your brains out.”

-Shannon D.

In collaboration with “The Bourbon Guys”  Please visit www.thebourbonguys.com  for in depth bourbon information and insight and also follow them on Twitter!