Unique Wines

The Most Interesting Wines in the World

It’s a new year. Time to try something new! The cold, long winter months is the perfect time to explore new wine regions, new grapes and new styles.


Victor POULSARD France
Why its unique… Hailing from the tiny Jura region of France, this Alpine grape is light in body but full of flavor. Excellent served chilled with cheeses and meats. The Poulsard grape is gaining in popularity on the East Coast.   $15.99
Why it’s unique…A Mexican wine that’s actually good! Better than good, delicioso. From Baja California, this winery looks to the Old World for inspiration on their blends. $21.99
Valle dell’Acate FRAPPATO  Sicily
Why it’s unique…Sicily is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world right now. New, energetic winemakers are investing in an ancient wine culture with fantastic results, like this mouthwatering Frappato. $14.99  BEST BUY
Lieu-Dit MELON California
Why it’s unique…Two young winemakers got together and decided to makes wines in California with the Loire, France as their inspiration. The Melon grape is typically grown in Muscadet, but planted in Californian it sings-especially when paired with shellfish. $23.99
Why it’s unique…Made with rotted grapes. Truly. When grapes naturally are rotted by a very special mold called Botrytis, the results are some of the greatest wines in the world. This stunner from New Zealand is at a low enough price point to decide if you like this style. $17.99/375ml
Heidi Schrock FURMINT  Austria
Why it’s unique…A legendary producer in Austria, Heidi has re-invigorated this traditional grape varietal into something modern. It tastes of flowering trees and herbs. $23.99
Chateau MUSAR 1999  Lebanon
Why it’s unique…The standard-bearer for wines from the middle east. This iconic wine comes from the Bekaa Valley, surrounded by snow-covered mountains. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Grenache, Obaideh and Merwah. $63.99
Barret Renee OTR RED BLEND  Cincinnati
Why it’s unique…Blended right here in Cincinnati! Do you like ‘The Prisoner’? This similar blend will suit your tastes. $17.99
Muller Catoir SCHEUREBE  Germany
Why it’s unique…Explained best by German Importer Terry Theise “Scheurebe, often shortened to ‘Scheu’, is Riesling just after it read the Kama Sutra. Put another way, Scheu is what Riesling would be if Riesling were a transvestite. If Riesling expressed all that is Nobel and Good, Scheu offers all that is Dirty and Fun. It is Riesling’s evil, horny twin.” $22.99