Published on September 1st, 2018

Beyond Kosher: Israeli Wines for everyone

Tourism is increasing in Galilee. Why?  Just take a glance at this image below of the fertile mountain valley in Northern Israel, and you might think you were looking at an image from Napa or Oregon. Premium wines and a burgeoning wine culture is helping to drive more people into the valley to sip and relax.


Several weeks ago I was able to taste an entire lineup of wines that represent this region, and was blown away by the quality and individuality of the wines. I knew little, and was ready to learn. I had mistook the area for cheap, low quality kosher wines made exclusively for Jewish holidays, and I was so wrong. The below info is information from the Golan Heights winery. DEP’s is happy to stock a wonderful assortment from this ancient but up-and-coming wine region.

“In the Golan Heights, in this breathtaking strip of land, everything begins with the right conditions – volcanic basaltic soil, suitable topography and cool high-altitude climate. This unique combination is what gives the Golan Heights its second name – “wine country.”Since it was founded in 1983, Golan Heights Winery has played a significant role in developing and nurturing Israel’s current wine culture. The Winery also has altered the way Israeli wines are perceived worldwide, and has firmly placed Israel on the world wine map.”


HERMON White Blend $11.99

“bright fruit aromas of green apple, tangerine, lime and guava, with notes of fresh flowers and a bit of grass. This medium-bodied wine is fresh, vital and drinkable.”

HERMON Red Blend  $11.99

92 Points Wine Enthusiast,A nose of cassis and vanilla sets the scene for flavors of black cherry, blackberry, butterscotch, juniper and violet. It’s easy on entry, offering smooth tannins that slowly reveal themselves, culminating in a floral and cranberry finish.”

ELA Red Blend $17.99  

90 Points Wine Enthusiast, “Aromas of black plum and mocha prepare the palate for flavors of blackberry, cassis, pomegranate and thyme. Offering ample mouthfeel and full-fruit flavors amidst slightly grippy tannins, this wine wraps up in a lasting cherry finish.”

HERMON Moscato $11.99

87 Points Wine Enthusiast, “With aromas of white peach and honeysuckle, this wine has flavors of ripe peach, marzipan and orange blossom. It is sweet but not cloying, with a burst of refreshing brightness on the finish.”