Published on May 9th, 2020

From the barrel straight to DEP’s: New Single Barrels have arrived

We all know the concept of “farm to table.” Have you ever heard of “barrel to shelf?”

Our DEP’s team has sampled through many barrels to find the perfect ones just for you. Listed below are the most recent barrels to hit our shelves.

Jefferson’s Ocean Wheated Voyage: #22
Wheated Mashbill from M.G..P.The nose holds notes of wheat bread, coffee grinds, vanilla syrup, and sweet oakier aromas. The first sip is very soft in texture, which is indicative of its mashbill. Warmer flavors start at the front and sides of the palate before giving way to the softer and sweeter notes. Buttered toast, wheat thins, and cedar are all wrapped neatly together in this small package. Enjoy this one slowly. It gets better over time.

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Aged at Camp Nelson Warehouse FBarreled: 12/07/2009This barrel was aged at the Camp Nelson location in warehouse F. We know all barrels are unique, but this one seems to be a little more than usual. The nose is deep and funky, but a layer of buttercream cake icing balances it back to the center. The heat is definitely there at 110 Proof. Butterscotch, Heath bar, and sweet candy are at the front of the palate, while smooth and easy finish brings up the back end. Smooth is the keyword here.

Kentucky Spirit #20-1019
Proof: 101          House/Floor: E-4Barreled: 10/27/2011
This is the first year for warehouse E to appear in Barrel Selections from Wild Turkey.  At Barrel strength notes of sourdough yeast were overwhelming.  When we chose this to be our Kentucky Spirit Barrel, Eddie agreed on the selection. The nose on this barrel has that classic creamy vanilla that is iconic to previous KY Spirit picks in the past. The first sip is on the oily side, but then it quickly starts to thicken up. Notes of red berry, flour tortillas, and a slight licorice sweetness at the end, all marry together behind a background of oak that is well balanced. Overall, this a great expression for those who like the softer side of Wild Turkey.

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New Riff
Barreled: 2/29/2016Bottled: 3/19/2020First note on the nose is lavender, sharp oaky peanut-butter fudge, and spiced cherries. The first sip starts off on the hotter end, but then quickly turns to sweeter flavors. Notes of mesquite, pie crust, black cherries, and cranberry sauce. The finish is clean and very savory. Overall, this barrel offers rich complexity with a great price.

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Three Chord’s Blended
MGP Mash: 75%C, 21%R, 4%BKY Mash: 70%C, 21%R. 9%BThis a blended single barrel, with distillates from KY and MGP. The bourbon is then finished in a hybrid barrel using French and Amerasian oak. Notes of plums, raisins, licorice, with some alcohol on the back. The first sip is noticeably clean. Notes of sandalwood, wet cedar, grape skins, and cashews. The texture is very soft, with woodier notes in the background. The finish is sweeter, with the softer notes shining through. Overall, this is an easy drinker, just in time for the warmer months.
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Wathen’s Barrel Proof #78
Corn: 77%   Rye: 10%   Barley: 13%Proof: 108.6
We are one of only 100 accounts to receive a barrel from Wathen’s. This is our second barrel, and we are more than pleased. The nose is loaded with toasted almonds, buttered pecans, and baked cinnamon. A slight alcohol tint in the background lets you know it’s barrel proof. The first sip is on the oaky side, but the second sip is much more tame and sweet. Laffy taffy, vanilla wafers, and creamed corn are on the front of the palate. The oak and alcohol come toward the end. The finish is clean and medium in length.
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