Published on June 7th, 2019

Good things come to those who wait, DEPth has arrived!

  In late February of this year, our new wine buyer Lauren and our old wine buyer Shannon, went out to Mendocino, California to join the team at McNab Ridge Winery to make our DEPTH wines. Rich Parducci owns McNab Ridge
Winery. Rich is a fourth-generation winemaker, whose great Grandfather Adolph, founded Parducci Winery in 1932. With over 30 years of experience, Rich is an excellent winemaker, and we are lucky to have him make the DEPTH wines. On Rich’s team at McNab are two fellow Cincinnati wine business vets, Jen Petrey and Devon Ward (also a DEPS alum!). Needless to say, visiting our friends here is a treat…plus we get to make really great wines with them, just for you!
The DEPTH wines stem from a simple concept: To bring our customers an outstanding value from California. This year, Shannon and Lauren got to customize the Sauvignon Blanc by adding some French Colombard, select the rosé they liked best, and actually blend the Red Blend! We have to say, these are the best the DEPTH wines have ever been, and they are still $10.99!
Sauvignon Blanc $10.99
DEPTH Sauvignon Blanc is filled with quintessential aromas of fresh grass, citrus blossom, and gooseberry. While still crisp and refreshing, the addition of French Colombard adds a nice viscosity and weight to the palate. Flavors of key lime, passionfruit, peach, and citrus oil make this the ideal Summer Sipper! Enjoy on its own or with your favorite salad, grilled fish, and goat cheese. Perfect for Parties!
Rosé $10.99
This year’s rosé is different from previous vintages, and we absolutely love it. 100% Grenache (instead of Zinfandel) makes it light on its feet and easy to drink, with still a tremendous depth of flavor (see what we did there?!). Subtle floral aromas of violet and rose greet you in the glass, followed by flavors of strawberry, clove, ginger, honeydew melon, and candied Meyer lemon peel. It is absolutely delicious and we are embarrassed to admit how much we will be consuming over the next few months.
Red Blend $10.99
Our first year actually blending the wine ourselves turned out to be a super success! With 11 different tank samples to play with, trying to concoct the perfect blend for our customers was quite the learning experience. Lauren and Shannon finally settled on a blend of 68% Zinfandel, 15% Merlot, 2% Petite Sirah, and 15% mixed Portuguese varieties. Zin provides all the dark berry fruit and a bramble quality we love, Merlot gives that velvety, “I will have another glass” quality, Petite Sirah lends structure and firm tannin, and the Portuguese grapes add to the complexity of the blend. We are so proud of how this turned out, and genuinely hope you love drinking it!