Published on August 29th, 2017

The Original: Greg Graziano

Check out the wines currently deemed ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ and you will notice a trend. They are probably an esoteric grape, like Carignan, and they probably come from Mendocino. They have modern labels, retail in the $20’s and $30’s, and have Instagram followings en masse. They are made by the young rebels of the winemaking world who are bringing attention to movements like natural and organic.

And here is what they have in common: They are buying their fruit from Greg Graziano.

An old-vine carignan vineyard in Mendocino, California

Greg’s family has been farming land in Mendocino for over 100 years. Wine basically flows through Greg’s blood. He knows every vineyard, every producer. He has always been interested in ‘saving’ out of fashion grape varietals and in experimenting with grapes from the old world. He is a champion of Carignan, Arneis, Chenin Blanc, Pinotage and more.  The best thing about this: when his wines hit the shelves, they are comparatively less expensive than the other wines in the category because he owns the land, and sells off what he doesn’t use.

Earnest, sincere, and hardworking, Greg and his family exude old world charm and charisma, coupled with know-how and a passion for winemaking. It is a pleasure to offer his wines to our customers at DEP’s. Because DEP’s is family owned and operated we make it our business to seek out these small producers who focus on family and quality. We hope you like the wines as much as we do!

Join us for a tasting this Friday (9.1)

Graziano Chenin Blanc-the most awarded white wine that Greg makes. Coming from the old Heil vineyard, one of only 4 vineyards of Chenin Blanc left.

Enotria Arneis-this white grape is common in Piedmont, Italy, Greg’s favorite Italian wine region. This Arneis is mineral driven, with a juicy and plump texture.

St.Gregory Pinot Meunier-one of the grapes used in Champagne production, Greg planted it so he could make Champagne-style wines. However, he loved this fruit so much he decided to make a still red version. Delicious!