Published on November 13th, 2018

Perfect Pairings: Start to Finish

You’ve got a lot to do. From shopping, to cooking, to setting the table, Thanksgiving can be a lot of work. Let us make one part of your holiday easier by recommending the perfect list of wines for your gathering.


Start with Sparkling: Greet your guests with a glass of bubbly, the perfect wine pairing for appetizers and salty cheeses.

It’s all about the Turkey, so let the wine take a back seat and select a complimentary, fruity white or rose that will enhance rather than compete.
The classic red wine pairing: Pinot Noir. Light, ethereal, with cherry and vanilla flavors.
Don’t forget dessert wines!  Even if you don’t like sweet wines, the right dessert wine can be a ‘wow’ moment. Try these with pecan or pumpkin pie.

Ask a Sommelier, “What will you be serving on Thanksgiving?”

“This is Riesling’s moment to shine. An aromatic, balanced bottle like Mure’s Grand Cru ‘Clos St Landelin’ from Alsace is the perfect balance between sweet and dry, a style that everyone will love”-Shannon Hembree, Wine Buyer ($39.99  95 Points)

“My go-to is Sunier’s Regnie Cru Beaujolais. So pretty and smooth, with a bouquet of flavors that won’t clash with all the traditional Thanksgiving dishes.”-Jenn Eberhard, Ft.Thomas Store Manager ($23.99)

“I usually recommend Rose as a pairing with ham, but I also love it for Turkey. This wine from Bordeaux is the second label of Chateau Haut-Brion, pretty fancy pedigree.”-Alfonse Mele, Senior Wine Consultant
(Chateau Clarendelle Rose, $11.99)


Let the experts be your guide…

Marissa Ross of Bon Appetit suggests…Ploussard

Overnoy Ploussard, Jura  $30.99


Eric Asmiov of The New York Times suggests…Anything you like

“Choose wines that you like; everybody else will like them, too.”

Biutiful Cava Rose, Spain $9.98 on sale! 90 Points

 Robert Parker, Wine Critic, suggests…Nebbiolo

“If you like Pinot Noir but are looking for something a bit more earthy, go with the Italian Nebbiolo grape from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.”

Silvio Grasso Barolo Nebbiolo, $26.98 on sale! Was $35