Published on June 8th, 2018

Austrian and German Wines for Summer….Prost!

Wine and food pairing rule: ‘If it grows together it goes together’. Although frankfurters, brats and sausages don’t actually grow, they were created in Germany and, naturally, pair perfectly with German and Austrian wines. As you stock up for summer grilling and pool parties, we urge you to consider this classic pairing, known the world over.

We stock a large variety of DRY Austrian and German wine, from white to rose to red. Just like a good lager, these wines have the ability to quench your thirst and offer a wide range of versatility. Perfect for outdoor adventures, grilling companions or party wines, these are the bottles that will be the first empty at a party and keep you coming back for more.


Gruner (pronounced grooner) is the champion of summer. A dry, crisp white (think Sauvignon Blanc) with mouthwatering acidity and a hint of white pepper, it is a crowd-pleasing white varietal.



Although you have probably never heard of these grapes, they are well-known in their neck of the woods. What we love about Austria reds is the juiciness–so much so that we enjoy these bottles even more with a slight chill.



Don’t worry, they are dry! Bone dry.