Published on August 7th, 2017


I am a Champagne fanatic. Nothing excites me more than the sound of a champagne cork popping and the glow of those tiny, soft bubbles fizzing up in my glass. Of course, I can’t afford to drink the good stuff everyday (who can?!) so I have hunted for alternatives to off-set the steep prices of Champagne. That has led me to Cava. For years, Raventos i Blanc has been my favorite, my go-to, my bubble fix when I just can’t afford Champagne.

As luck would have it, I was able to arrange a visit to the estate outside of Barcelona on a recent “work trip” (ie, vacation). My respect and love of this producer grew 10 fold. The visit encompassed everything I love about my job: hours spent walking the vineyard, smelling the wild fennel, witnessing donkeys deforesting, glimpsing the rare turtle in the pond. It’s always a good sign at a winery visit when you spend twice as long outside in the vineyards than inside the winery. It all comes back to the vineyard, that is where the magic happens. No one expresses this better than Pepe Raventos, whose family has farmed the estate since 1497. His enthusiasm was catching, and his commitment to quality above all else admirable.

I toured the cellars and tasted with Josep Raventos, someone who shares my passion for Champagne. He tastes the best Champagne in the World regularly to ensure what his family is making is just as good (if not better!). In a time when ‘cava’ has come to mean ‘cheap’ to many consumers, instead of labeling their wine cava, they are instead choosing a more specific place, “Conca del Riu Anoia’ which was born to elaborate wines resulting from a single estate, a specific climate, native grape varieties and a rigorous and respectful form of viticulture, in other words, a wine faithful to the place where it comes from; an estate with the perfect terroir for producing, probably, the most mineral sparkling wine.”

As an act of friendship Raventos i Blanc offers a special sale price to DEP’s, for a limited time. The wine was just awarded 91 points from Robert Parker. Buy it by the case!

Raventos i Blanc Reserva Brut 2013, $16.98 regular price $22