Published on May 6th, 2020

Shining a Spotlight on all of our Smooth Amblers Selections.

Distillery Feature: Smooth Ambler

We currently have nine different whiskeys from Smooth Ambler. If you follow the bourbon market on social media, you can see that the Old Scout 5 year is very popular right now. For a fun tasting experience at home, select 3-4 of the whiskeys below and taste them side by side. Test your palette and then view our tasting notes to see if there are any similarities. There are no wrong answers when tasting bourbon. Everyone has different tastes perceptions and preferences. Sampling whiskeys from the same distillery can be an informative experience by looking for the sometimes subtle nuances or completely different variances per barrel.


“Set among historic mountains and rich earth, Greenbrier County in West Virginia is home to hardworking, independent people who soak their souls in a leisurely pace of life. In 2009, TAG Galyean and John Little founded Smooth Ambler Spirits in this inspiring place, with a notion to celebrate patient Appalachian craftsmanship, and to put it to good use making truly tasty artisan spirits.

Details beat deadlines, and quality rules over quantity. Shepherded by a truly dedicated team, Smooth Ambler whiskies are known as much for bold yet balanced flavor as they are for pride of place. It’s easy to see why each and every whiskey is best enjoyed one slow sip at a time.” – Smooth Ambler


We have the following:

Smooth Ambler Contradiction 750ml

$33.98 92 Proof

“At Smooth Ambler, after we began merchant bottling the whiskey we call Old Scout, it occurred to us that at some point it may be fun and interesting to blend a little of the delicious bourbon we source with the smooth and sweet wheated bourbon we distill here in West Virginia. With that notion in mind, Contradiction was born; a blend of whiskey we make with whiskey we do not. Contradiction is non-chill filtered and is full-bodied, with notes of dried fruit and butter rum, and has the end-result of tasting like a four-grain bourbon.

Full of oak, dried cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon creating a signature mature bourbon nose.  Sweet from the wheat and spice from the rye and a bit of leather round out the palate. Its viscosity creates a smooth and pleasant finish.”


Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey 750ml

$29.98 99 Proof

“Old Scout American Whiskey is a union of two whiskeys distilled from classic bourbon mash bills. One is aged in new oak barrels and the other matures in rejuvenated, re-charred bourbon casks. While this unique aging excuses the marriage from being called bourbon, it shares all of the character and drinkability you would expect from a whiskey on the brink of being one.”


Smooth Ambler Old Scout Straight Bourbon 750ml

$42.98 99 Proof 5 Year Old MGP

Old Scout Bourbon is a high-rye straight bourbon whiskey, bottled at 99 proof. It is blended in limited, hand-selected batches without chill-filtration, and enjoys the bold character we think excellent bourbon should deliver. Sweet and smooth, with notes of butterscotch and cherry pipe tobacco, it is exceptionally drinkable for 99 proof.


Smooth Ambler Old Scout Select Bourbon 750ml

$57.98 Cask Strength 13 Year Old Dickel

  • Barrel #13632 is 13 Years Old at 100.3 Proof
  • Barrel #13619 is 13 Years Old at 100.2 Proof

“A single barrel cask strength expression, each bottling of Old Scout Single Barrel Select is unique in age and proof.  84% corn, 8% rye, 8% malt. A low-rye bourbon mash bill from TN. Creamy butterscotch, and tree nut flavors Old Scout is delicious and smooth given its cask strength proof”


DEPs Smooth Ambler Old Scout 5 Year Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

$49.98 116 Proof from MGP

Barrel #27912
The nose is on the lighter side. Notes of coffee-cake, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, are all forward with a slight alcohol presence. The first sip is noticeably light. Fruit forward notes hit the front of the palate. Red-berries are paired with sweeter baked cake flavors. The finish is medium in length and not as thick as the other barrel.

$49.98 118 Proof from MGP

Barrel #27718
Notes of vanilla, peanuts, Himalayan rock salt, and tobacco leaf. The first sip has a marshmallow upfront flavor. Peanut butter, graham crackers, and strawberry creme savers, are all present behind a barrel proof body. This well-balanced pour has a great finish that is medium to long. Overall this barrel is a great representation. of what Old Scout expression have to offer.

DEPs Smooth Ambler American Whiskey Single Barrel 750ml

$37.98 107 Proof and is a marriage of Dickel & MGP aged in a used barrel

Barrel #9734

This is a combination of a TN mash (aged in used barrels) and a high-rye from M.G..P., married together into one barrel, and is non-chill filtered. The nose is on the lighter side with notes of corn, honey, red fruits, and caramel. The first sip holds notes of apples, honey, and maple syrup, while a spicy rye comes in on the back end.

Barrel #10508

This is a combination of a TN mash (aged in used barrels) and a high-rye from M.G..P., married together into one barrel, and is non-chill filtered. The nose is on the grainy side with notes of rye, oats, and peanut-butter brittle. The first sip is woody and tight in structure. The same peanut-butter brittle and rye from the nose shines through to the palate.


“The main difference between Old Scout and Old Scout Select is that the “Select” is bourbon mash from Dickel in Tennessee.  The regular Old Scout is from MGP in Indiana.  This information is readily available on Smooth Ambler’s website.   They do not hide the fact that they source bourbon and if they can tell you where it is coming from they will.  Usually, distilleries have NDAs from producers.” – DEP’s Liquor Buyer, Matt

When placing an online order for a product with two options, for example, DEP’s Single Barrel #9734 and #10508, please follow the link and payment, we will call you to identify which bottle you would like to purchase.