Published on May 18th, 2020

Switch things up! Try a DEP’s RUM Single Barrel.

We have 3 very different Single Barrel Rum selections for you at DEPs!

We have something for everyone.  If you want something sweet, we have you covered.  If you want something a little on the dryer side, we have that too.  We also have the rum that a bourbon lover would enjoy.   Each one is a single barrel selection for our customers.   

We selected a Cruzan Rum Single Barrel that has been aged for 7 years in a former whiskey barrel.  At 80 proof this one is an easy sipper with a fair amount of flavor!  On the nose you’ll find Nutmeg, Toasted Oak and a faint hint of sweetness.  It’s very soft and glides across the palate with flavors of citrus peel, dried fruit with toffee.  On the finish you may find milk chocolate and caramel.  This is balanced and right in the middle of being sweet or dry.

Our Papa’s Pilar Single Barrel Rum was also aged in a used Bourbon barrel that had a #4 char.   On the nose you’ll find baking spices, dark chocolate and coffee.  On the palate you may find cocoa powder, coffee and maple syrup! The finish is almost all vanilla and maple syrup.  This rum is for the person with a sweet tooth.  You could pour this over pancakes!

Our latest single barrel rum comes from Grander.  This rum hails from Panama and comes in packing a punch at 111.2 Proof.  This rum is for your barrel strength bourbon drinkers.  Aged 8 years in a former Bourbon barrel this rum has a nose similar to the Cruzan barrel but that is where the similarities end.  This is hot.  There is no getting around it.  It’s hot in a good way though, much like a barrel strength bourbon is hot.  Bourbon drinkers know that with a little heat can come a ton of flavor.  On the palate you’ll find it to be medium-bodied with sweet sugar and white pepper.   Butterscotch and Citrus overtones are present but not overpowering.  The finish has lemongrass and hints of vanilla with a slow burn or “hug” as Fred Noe of Jim Beam says.  This is a nice easy drinking rum that packs a welcomed punch!